Health Insurance and Travel Insurance Aren’t the Same

Digital Nomads or Global Nomads are used interchangeably. However, although sometimes confused, “travel medical” and “international health” insurance are definitely not the same thing. Travel insurance is for just that. It covers travel, and any bumps you may face on the road.  It’s not long term coverage for expats planning to live overseas for years. If constant travel attracted you to nomadic life, consider getting travel insurance as a supplement to your expat medical insurance. Missed flights and lost baggage affect expats as much as the casual traveler.

Affordable Travel Medical Plans

If you do want some extra peace of mind, or if you start doubting yourself after reading about traffic accident statistics, a basic expat health insurance policy that offers coverage for catastrophic emergency situations is the way to go. Not everyone necessarily needs a robust policy. If you feel like you’re happy to pony up the cash to treat minor concerns but want some backup for the serious scenarios, a basic policy will satisfy your need for frugality and tranquility.

Should your outlook on healthcare change there are more comprehensive International Health packages that cover preventive checkups, dental visits, even maternity care. This is especially helpful should your overseas life turn from a 6 month experiment to a multi-year commitment. Cigna has simple, clear “Bronze”, “Silver”, and “Gold” plans with a modular design allowing you to add or remove benefits as desired to meet your requirements and your budget. IMG Global Medical is a more affordable option with a catastrophic Bronze Level plan available.

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