Why students need better protection from loan fraud

Across the nation, a few for-profit colleges have been deceiving studentsinto taking out private loans that cost more than advertised. Others have made false claims about job placement rates or have offered credits that don’t transfer and – in some cases –don’t qualify students for the licenses they need. Veterans have been particularly targeted, with schools eyeing their GI benefits. […]

Smart Giving

Smart Giving: How to Make the Most of Your Charitable Donation

Initially, to be sure you are donating to a worthy and above-board organization, request a copy of its financial report. It summarizes the organization’s tax status, programs, and how the funds are used. With the exception of places of worship, all charities must file such a report with the IRS. You may also contact your […]

tax time

Preparing to Pay Tax

Make sure you have the right tax form for your individual situation. Many people will use the same one they used the previous year, but if your circumstances have changed, you may need to use a different form. Gather Personal Identification Information Of course you will need to know your own Social Security Number, but […]